The World Mind Maze

Something is needed to wake us up. It is then our responsibility to stay awake by seeing the dilemma we are in. Eloquent commentaries may be inspiring and we become euphoric, but the reality we seek is within us. When we do wake up, the shock keeps us awake.

As long as we are occupied by our mind’s reactions, we will never leave this maze of information. This mind maze – or trap – is very subtle, and has many levels.

There are many tantalising exits that promise, “This Way Out”, but these become dead ends when we believe in the sign and join the queue. As long as we believe that there is an exit, we will never leave because we believe we are inside, trying to get out. Little do we know that we are already out, as the maze never existed. Again, we can say these words, but we should watch how we busy ourselves in this ‘non-existent’ maze.

Our thoughts bind us to an illusion that we are whatever we are told we are. Even if the sign on the exit tells us it’s all an illusion, we still believe in the illusion. There is no point in saying, “It’s all an illusion” while busily decorating the illusion. Many so-called ‘elevated’ spiritual people fall into this trap.

There is no way out of this dilemma because we still believe we are in a mind maze created by the collective. We cannot blame others for this illusion because we are its construct, holding it together with our futile diligence and hope.

The method is to become still and accept wherever we are.
Realise that there is nothing to escape.
The illusory maze dissolves when we stop reacting.

The trick of the maze is to hold our attention. According to estimates, there were over 2 billion video gamers in the world in 2018. Then, there is alcohol, drugs, news, politics, personal status, wealth, fashion, music, movies, fluffy kittens, religion, spirituality, philosophies, books, high culture, religion …

Religion means to bind. If we are bound to anything, then that is our religion; it’s whatever we attend to. To realise is to accept and escape all illusions.

It’s truly amazing

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