Spirituality Is A Science And Not A Belief

Spirituality is a science, and not a belief.
As children, are made to believe that we must believe. Spirituality is pure consciousness: we are pure consciousness and without that, we wouldn’t know anything. We know because we are knowingness itself. That is the simple proof. We are not a belief. When we can actually know, why would anyone promote a belief? As children, we’re taught to first believe in Father Christmas and then in God the Father … coincidence? 😀 We live in a topsy turvy world of make believe.

Why would anyone want to deceive us? Because it turns us away from the truth. Why would anyone do that? To gain control over us, and get us to conform and belong. When we do not believe, then we are free to think for ourselves.

A belief is something we cannot explain and so cannot talk about. We just worship and belong. It is a form of self-censorship that keeps us imprisoned in a world of fantasy, and we then pass this story on as we don’t want to be alone in our beliefs.

We are encouraged to belong to something to such an extent that we cannot be alone. We gossip, check our phones, become addicted to news and leave the TV on constantly. Radio air waves are filled with music, and there is music playing in every shop.

In peace and quiet,
we may realise something wondrous.

When we finally recognise that we are pure consciousness, we do not have to belong to or believe in anything or anyone. As long as we belong or believe, we are attached. To be attached means to be tethered and, unfortunately, we like being tethered as it feels safe. Abusive relationships are like that.

True spirituality is the true psychology into the nature of mind. It is not limited to a conventional mind of ideas, beliefs and false harmony.

To realise oneness with others,
we first have to realise the unity within.

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