Can Inspiration Become Entertainment?

We may get – and then seek out – nice feelings of bliss, clarity or absence of thoughts. But it’s never enough and we want more, and thus become attached to these experiences.

In Tibetan, the word ‘nyam’ means meditation experience of bliss, clarity or absence of thoughts. In themselves, these are good experiences, but if we grow attached to them, they become our obstacles. These experiences are not, in themselves, realisation but, if we remain free of attachment and drop them, they become the path to realisation, where we return to the non-duality of pure consciousness.

These feelings are seductive; attachment causes a practitioner to wander away from the true Dharma – the path to realisation – and become a ‘space cadets’, attached to their feelings and easily upset (‘Dharma snowflake’ could be the modern term :D)

Attachment to bliss
can lead into a subtle, desire realm, never being satisfied.

Attachment to the experience of clarity
can lead into heavenly distraction.

Attachment to absence of thoughts
can create an inability to communicate.

When we drop the inspiration,
this, in itself, is the inspiration.

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