Is The Voice Of God … A Nyam?

This isn’t meant to upset anyone; the intention is to clarify, and identify the mistakes that may happen when we become attached to experiences, believe in them, make rules about them and worship them with sincerity. Spiritual texts are translations from someone’s mind, which is tinted through their experiences and their understanding … as this writer is doing now 😀

Whatever we experience, we translate into language. Pure experience of non-duality is corrupted the moment we speak. Language is an approximation as we use generic terms. If we become attracted to this language and attach ourselves to it, we create commentaries which compound and confuse. Enter the mysteries! This is exactly why the Buddha said, “Do not take my word for it.” Secondhand knowledge is not direct knowledge that leads to wisdom and realisation. Secondhand knowledge merely keeps us in the cycle of conventional existence, because it creates subtle doubts about we actuallyexperience.

Our highest achievement is the realisation of pure consciousness – which is the highest achievement in the infinite universe and, in that, there is no special language. This achievement may be experienced right now. Merely fall silent and be aware that awareness is already present, and recognise that we are that awareness, with nothing attached to it. That pure awareness is pure consciousness. It is very simple and has no rules save one; don’t muck it about or add to it.

When we have meditation experiences, we can mistake them for realisation – or the inspiration of God. It isn’t unreasonable that this happens. A ‘Nyam’ is the meditation experience of bliss, clarity or non-thought, and when we become attached to these experiences and make claims, we corrupt purity.

If there is a God, it must be pure consciousness that is before words. Words corrupt. When we realise our true nature as pure consciousness, we are at one. No words needed.

The Buddha realised that Shiva means that which is not.
There is nothing to become attached to.
There is no such thing as spirituality.
Attachment leads us astray.

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