Enlightenment Is Never Forgetting

Once we recognise and realise that we are pure consciousness, that is the beginning of our spiritual path. Now, it is up to us to remember. The more we remember, the less we forget. It’s a matter of practice, and becoming more familiar with what is true and what isn’t.

The first stage is to remember and the door opens but, due to the winds of karma, the door appears to close because we forget, and thoughts and emotions return. It is in the very recognition of the door seeming to be closed that it opens spontaneously with a blast of fresh air.

The more we recognise our true nature, the more we gradually realise that the door never existed. There is no inside and no outside and no path. We have been enlightened all along, but were closed to this truth.

Compassion is knowing that others still think there is a door and it’s locked to them; they feel closed in. All we can do is to help them realise the key to their freedom is conscious awareness.

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