The Realisation of Spirituality Is Practical

Practical Spirituality
helps us to cope with life
with a sensible and realistic approach
to situations or problems,
by means of clear observation
without preconceived ideas.

In the beginning was not a book:
a book is someone else’s view.
Never take someone else’s word for it.

Being real is being practical.
Real is the realisation of the truth that
clear observation is pure consciousness.
It’s what we are, and we can’t get more real than that.

Those who become involved in the material world
believe that impermanent things are real.
A bit of an oxymoron?

When we cling to ideas, we build up an ego.
If we defend our egotistical ideas,
we become more and more impractical.

Climb to the top of the ego and jump off!
The more we build up our ego, the more we suffer.
The more we suffer, the more we realise we are suffering.
That is the jumping-off stage to enlightenment.

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