A System Is A Good Beginning

A system is a good beginning,
but a system can make us passive and ‘samey’.

In a system, we feel good and safe.
We go through our routines
and establish a basis to work with.

But do we actually work (show compassion),
or do we just go through our routine?

The best place to experience real Dharma
is wherever we are.

When we get bored or depressed with our routine …
… celebrate!

Routines cover up rawness.
Rawness is life itself.
Rawness is the strong, undisguised emotions,
uncompromising and realistic in unpleasant situations.

Better to know the truth than believe in a routine.
Then we can die well, with real confidence.

Whether or not there is consciousness after death is a moot question.
Is there light at the end of the tunnel,
or is the light here right now?

As long as we care, we win!

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