Feeling Flat Or Heavy?

There is a reason for feeling flat or heavy, and it’s fine.
The same goes for every feeling we all experience.

In Buddhism, there is an explanation known as the twelve links of causes and karmic conditions in which we find ourselves. This is called The Twelve Links of Dependent Origination, or the twelve Nidanas in Sanskrit. It’s a vast subject, and one that can be easily researched on the internet.

Here, we are dealing with the seventh ‘link’ of feeling, and it will ease your mind
no end. 😀

At any moment, we may experience pleasant, painful or neutral situations: in this particular case, we might feel fed up, flat, heavy or a little depressed. It is important to recognise that these feelings represent the inevitable result of past karma. There is nothing to feel wrong or guilty about. We may wish the feelings weren’t there, but they are natural and in accordance with our past behaviour.

In other words, whether a particular experience is felt as being pleasant, negative or neutral, we have no choice in the matter, as that is determined by the karma accumulated in the past. Whatever we experience is the natural and unavoidable result of a multiplicity of causes and conditions that are now coming to fruition, and over which we have no control. The present moment is a product of the past.

It is important to understand that whatever we experience as feelings is a product of karma (the result of our past actions): they are neither right nor wrong and, of themselves, produce no further karma.

This view runs counter to modern thinking. For example, if we have a negative thought or emotion appearing in our mind, we feel that something bad is happening and we are creating negative karma.

This is not so!

The appearance of the emotion at that moment is neutral and, of itself, generates no further pain or karma. Any karmic repercussions depend entirely on how we respond.

If we feel guilty and hold onto these feeling, we generate more of the same for the future. This why we especially need compassion for ourselves: only then we can empathise with others, and pay it forward! 😀

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