A Feeling Isn’t An Emotion
(continued from yesterday)

As we realise something, we realise more.

‘Feeling’ is something actually felt (an intuition) in the first moment of experience, as opposed to our ‘feelings’ that we hold on to and carry around with us.

A feeling is not something we can stop, or cover up.
There is no guilt attached to a feeling; it’s natural.

We – pure consciousness, empty of thoughts – are fully aware. In the first instant of perception, a feeling is generated and an ‘energy’ arises. This happens automatically due to past experiences … we merely have to hear a name, and there is a stirring, an occurrence before a thought or emotion fully develops and we react. If this sequence of events goes unnoticed, it might seem to be spontaneous, but it is merely gross, habitual behaviour.

This feeling, intuition or response is a product of our past – karma – and it is neutral. It does not create further karma as judgement hasn’t stepped in yet.

If we boost this feeling with ideas, however, we create and reinforce an emotion that will manifest again and again at a later dates. Whether this karmic product keeps returning depends entirely on our reactions as, at any stage, we can remember our pure reality and thus cut through this process.

Remember Shunryu Suzuki’s quotation, “Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind.”

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