Today, My Life Is Fruitful!”

The moment that we recognise we are not our thoughts, we are free.
As Tulku Urgyen said, “We are free in the moment of seeing”:
That is what he meant.

As long we identify with thoughts, we create and maintain a self image.
In reality, we are pure consciousness, free from this false influencer.
It’s that simple.

Once we know this, we can never not know,
and no one can tell us what to think ever again
We can acknowledge an idea without accepting it.

Our suffering is caused by our thoughts.
Realising this, we see that our enemy has been our mind all along.
The fact is, it is this enemy that wakes us up.

Pure consciousness is a surveillance device,
full of knowledge and wisdom.

The world may look hell-bent on spreading confusion,
but it is this recognition that awakens us.
Our life is now fruitful and worthwhile.

Our enemy is our true teacher.
It shows us our reactions that obscure pure vision.

Kathie said,
“It’s like opening an airtight jar:
once loosened, it never gets that uptight again!”

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