We Don’t Have To Wait …
… for either the next incarnation or heaven
to realise our ultimate reality now.

Realisation doesn’t depend on the next incarnation; hoping that we will be enlightened in the future is a belief system. If there is a next incarnation, it will depend on now. We have no idea what will come about in the future. It is in realising our true nature now that real changes occur to allow further realisations. That is the process! Days may be pleasant or unpleasant – and some days are just routine – but the realisation of our ultimate nature of pure consciousness does not change. It’s here now, and nowhere else.

Throughout history, humanity has been split into believers and realisers – and all the levels in between. Even today, we have those who follow a process, a system, and those who experience their process (and of course, there are also those who just aren’t bothered).

Here, we are talking about actual seekers. Some rely on answers, while others rely on questions. There is an expectation that, if we follow, we will realise but, on observation, those who follow stay following. When we follow others, we become reliant and are never free. We are free when we know – know not the answer, but how to question.

Give someone a potato and that person will eat for that day.
Teach that person in what conditions a potato will grow
and they’ll feed for a lifetime.

Or, we can keep going down the shops!

Spiritual texts are very extensive, due to this realisation that has been around forever. Practitioners merely comment and share to suit that particular time and place. If we only consider our practice to be about acquiring merit towards our next incarnation, we may be deluded. In merit, we can only hope, and that is an obstacle in itself. If we foster doubt, we will never know about our reality now.

Better to realise the truth now, and stop doubting. Knowing this one thing – pure consciousness – addresses all situations, and we don’t have to remember or carry around all that text in our heads.

We find ourselves in certain situations due to previous activities and understandings. We deal with those situations by not merely reacting, but seeing afresh and asking, “What is this?”

For some, going to heaven could be hell.
One person’s satisfaction is another’s dissatisfaction.
And another’s dissatisfaction is yet another’s satisfaction.

A simple example:
To get rid of negative emotions is the goal for some.
Those very negative emotions are wisdoms for others.

To clarify:
In the very first instant of a emotion, the mind brightens.
Awareness is alert, and that alertness is pure consciousness.

Staying on the bright side is enlightenment.

I tried being normal …
it was the worse time of my life.

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