The Word ‘Religion’ Has An Effect On People

Hope, fear, a sense of purpose, a belief,
control, wrong, over-organised, evil, part of our evolution … ?

Religion claims to be the intercessor or connection to higher truth or God.

Religion: the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power. A particular system of faith and worship. A pursuit or interest followed with great devotion.

This can apply to anything.

If it was the case that religion represents something that we long for and that we consider to be more powerful, then we make that ‘thing’ into a religion and bind ourselves to it. It is this sense of poverty that shackles us, keeping us in a state of duality, of separation, and we will only ever experience a feeling of satisfaction rather than finding true attainment.

Spirit is pure consciousness, free of any binding, manipulation or feeling. When we cling to a belief – any belief – that is our religion. We have become religious! Anything that engulfs our life binds us and blinds us. People can be seen worshipping their beliefs every day – the list of attachments is endless!

We do not have a spiritual connection.
It is spirit that has adopted the temporary reality
of a human connection.

Pure consciousness never changes, and cannot be organised. To believe is to consent to others’ beliefs, interpretations or translations, whereas pure consciousness is direct seeing. It is beyond description.

When we lack confidence in direct seeing and react to others’ beliefs, then we are bound to that same belief whereas, in truth, the pure silence of pure consciousness is our reality. We have been seeking that which we already are: why were we ever told to believe something else?

Anything other than pure consciousness
is an illusion.

If the word ‘religion’ has an effect on us,
then we become bound by that illusion.

We should question everything but,
in pure consciousness,
there is nothing to question as we have arrived at our source.

By the time you have finish reading this article,
105 people in the world will have died, one every minute.
151,600 people die each day
55 million people die every year.

How many lived and died believing whatever they were told?
How many have realised the truth beyond what they were told?

There is nothing wrong with thinking.
Being bound to those thoughts is our problem.

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