Sex, Desire And Wisdom

If it wasn’t for sex and desire, we wouldn’t be here – and neither would our gurus. Being born allows us all to ‘wise up’ to our true reality, so we needn’t feel guilty. We are all attracted to some things, and repulsed or indifferent to others. On a human level, this is how we survive.

Desire, aversion and ignorance are what keeps us going … and going! Unfortunately, we become obsessed, and waste – and therefore lose – our precious subtle energy which is needed for further realisations. We have a choice: to stay as we are, or to review our driving forces. Actually, if we do not review these forces, others take advantage of us without us even noticing; we can be sold anything without realising it.

If we are nuns or monks, we abstain from sexual activity. As lay practitioners, we are moderate, more or less.

At one level, we are told to view desire and the object of desire as something rotten and festering to put us off the thought of sex – but we still have the natural functions of the senses, and the senses themselves are non-conceptual. It is our association with the senses that captures us. Still, we can and should enjoy the senses … and then let that moment go. There is absolutely no point in hanging on to anything as there is always the next moment to experience, in pure experience.

Pure experience has no desire. It is our Nirmanakaya aspect that wants to share and empathise. Nirmanakaya is the embodiment of pure (Dharmakaya) consciousness (Sambhogakaya).

Desire, on a human level, is our jailer. On an absolute level, however, it is called, “Discriminating Wisdom”, and is very precise.

There is nothing wrong with desire (or any sensuality) but, if we cling to our memories of associations, this will cause us problems in life as it binds us. There are things we find attractive – the Dharma for instance, or a bird feeding – and there are things we do not find attractive, such as over-industrialised greed in the name of “We are doing something good”. There are also things we ignore – other people’s views, for instance. These are all obsessions. 😀

We aren’t vegetables. We have a self that reacts, and pure consciousness notes this. Repulsion is the same as desire, in the sense that we obsess about condemning others. Sex and desire are no big deal: they’re part of life, but they’re not all of life.

The big deal
– the real deal –
is the wisdom of discrimination.

Wisdom is to know that one’s self is an illusion.

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