Premeditation is the intention or plan to act in a certain way: this is how we maintain our self-programme. If we are not in meditation, then we are in premeditation! And if we are stuck in meditation, then we will not realise après-meditation = non-meditation of pure awareness.

For this reason, we have to let go!
But the question is how?

Both good and bad things happened to us in the past. We will not forget these things, but holding on to them creates consequences, and those consequences create suffering. Holding on is the result of a deliberate intention to justify re-enactment, which is premeditation – our plan, our programme, our path to more confusion. This premeditation is actually a crime against consciousness: we are driving ourselves crazy.

Our reactions are usually ill-managed – like a sledge hammer to crack a nut – when, in fact, every moment can produce a different response which is measured by circumstances, and is therefore spontaneous. We become more skilful, and more intelligent.

If, on the other hand, we hold a grudge, then situations become exaggerated, and harm results. A measured response is all about balance: that does not mean that we don’t take action, but we don’t re-act with equal force all the time as the same situation at a different time could induce a different response. If we don’t let go, we will continue to replay the same niggling scenarios – and that is how our crimes imprison us.

We let go because we can then upgrade realisation.

Now, that’s a good plan;
a good premeditation
to release from a self-obsession.


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