We Saturate Our Self With Worldly Affairs

There comes a time when we realise that such obsession will never be satisfying,
as there will always be worldly affairs to worry about.
We realise that we have been holding on to ideas that actually cause us suffering.

Our attention now turns to anything that may lead us to the truth about our existence,
rather than a version of the truth. This takes discipline and determination:
we need to saturate our self with truth rather than a narrative about truth.

Discipline comes through genuine interest and, as such, no longer requires effort.
It is genuine enjoyment and, above all, it’s satisfying. Once we know what truth is,
we know what isn’t the truth.

We are talking about unshakeable confidence that not even the Buddhas can unsettle. Duty becomes joy; our unique expression of compassion for all.
To our surprise, our realm of existence becomes wisdom and empathy.

This doesn’t mean that our actions are perfect, but we know that we’re on
the path of transcendence. Karma will bring up increasingly subtle obstacles to learn from and help us to go beyond. In this way, we are gracefully prepared for anything.

The six perfections of generosity, patience, morality, discipline, concentration and wisdom are our unfailing allies. Instead of saturating our self with worldly affairs, we now saturate our self with kindness. This is the good virus!

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