Sinking Back Into Ordinary Consciousness

If we don’t recognise our original state of consciousness (what we are), we are bound up in ordinary consciousness that remains confused. The original state of consciousness is constant, but is covered by concepts and fixations about its self – protecting its self, playing with its self and constantly rehearsing as a result of desire.

We think that life as its portrayed around us is normal, and we assume that whatever we do is real and right. As everyone else feels the same way – that they are right – we argue over whatever ordinary consciousness thinks, and are actually servicing one another in a mental institution ;D

We are knowingness itself before the colours of the walls of this institution are discussed. We are beings of light and clarity. Although matter and ideas can be manipulated and elaborated upon, very subtle consciousness just stays as pure light – ‘enlightened’. We all have a pure essence, but dress this up to our way of thinking.

People become uncomfortable when anyone dares to suggest that we are more than ordinary consciousness because, to admit this, they would have to drop their ordinary views and engage in training their mind to dissolve the mental imprisonment they are upholding. For that, we need a catalyst; an event or person causing a change or conversion (derived from the Greek word katalύein, meaning “to dissolve”).

That catalyst is meditation!

Well, meditation to start with. Disillusionment and conversion occur when we drop the meditation, and come to rest within consciousness itself, where we drop the observer for pure observation. The conversion takes us from duality to non-duality. We become self-less.

Once realised, we never sink back totally into ordinary consciousness, and life becomes brighter; we are back in the light of clarity. Our happy place. Once the light is realised, the more the shadows dissolve. All we to do is simply look and see … and drop!

A good practice:

Go into a thought = ordinary consciousness.
See the thoughts and drop the thoughts = original consciousness.

Become familiar with these two aspects.

The more we become familiar with ordinary consciousness,
the more it becomes simultaneous with original consciousness.

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