The Code That Conveys Our Unique Life

This code is karma.

Whatever we think of as our unique self is merely a misunderstanding of what we actually are. Consciousness, through specific desires, creates a code that takes form to satisfy those desires, and that has consequences.

It is because we forgot our true reality that this code is now controlling us, as revealed through our reactions and behaviour. This code develops from the universal code of desire, aversion and indifference to which we all respond – it’s the universal virus! We are released from the code when we recognise and tame the habitual re-enactments of our body, speech and mind. That karmic code is our teacher; in this way, all karma becomes wisdom.

When realised, it is seen as the wisdom of emptiness, cognisance and compassion; in Sanskrit, this is known as the three Kayas.

This is how negative emotions are wisdoms.
This is how karma becomes our teacher.
This how we crack the code.


Letting go is so satisfying:
it means we have learnt something
and can now move on.

If we don’t let go,
nothing changes.

Enlightenment means no longer being controlled.

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