Is Madness Catching?

I’m afraid so 😀 … but it’s temporary.

A state of having a serious mental illness – unable to control one’s mind.
Extremely foolish behaviour – unable to control one’s speech.
A state of wild or chaotic activity – unable to control one’s body.

Be aware of what we are doing, and be shocked.

If we cannot be aware,
then we seek help from someone who is sane.

If we can recognise someone who is sane,
then we don’t need help.

Sanity is also catching!

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  1. Indira says:

    OMG! I think I’m getting insane. But all the people around me look so calm, composed and confident and sane of course. Means I’m sane? Thanks for this information. I was sure I need an electric shock.

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  3. bwcarey says:

    pause, listen to yourself, great post

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