Covid-19, Isolation, Unusual Times

These are empathetic times: we isolate so that hospitals may cope more effectively with caring for the sick. Isolation can be seen as a retreat. It is a chance to focus on our moment-to-moment routines and, for that, we need discipline to realise what is truly beneficial, and what is now unnecessary.

Living with others is challenging, so we have to know when to stay silent and remain happy with whatever occurs – that is the discipline. We don’t become drawn into others’ neuroses. Neurosis comes from an over-reactive mind. Staying resolute and disciplined, we keep our sanity and that will give direction to others. Being precise in whatever we do is mindfulness meditation.

A retreat is a wonderful chance to observe our own neuroses without feeling guilty, and understand how these neuroses develop, and why we hold on to them.

We are not this neurosis: we are pure consciousness. The neurosis is of a temporary nature, and does not actually exist. It’s time to realise that everything is known from the pure, uncontaminated state of consciousness. Our opinions about the world are not necessary. We merely deal with whatever occurs and create an atmosphere for others to be happy.

This will be challenging but, through inner conflict and awareness, we rise above the mundane. It is a chance to review our life – and cooking and dining together will become very important!

All things must pass.

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