This Serious World Health Crisis

This serious world health crisis
could become even more serious.

COVID-19 is a serious world health issue. We’re right to be concerned, and action is needed to protect those with poor immune systems, and contain the spread of this virus.

This crisis won’t last forever. Nothing does. We must be vigilant that no residue is left behind in society to limit our freedom. We can be made to believe that situations last for ever. Just consider events such as 9/11 and the ‘banking crisis’ which left a residue in society. History is full of beliefs that run on to this day. All we need is a bogey man to keep us in line – we learn that as children!

We have to be aware that any crisis can be exploited in order to make people feel ‘safe’, when it actually does the opposite. We may have more limitations put on our lives, so that we end up with less freedom. We are already self-imprisoned, and this just adds more locks.

Being made to feel grateful puts us in an inferior position. We may feel safe, but we are still reliant, and this has a devastating effect on the quality of our life.

True gratitude is an appreciation of realisation.

We can play the game without believing in the game – it’s just a game.
The more we believe in the game,
the more karma we consent to acquire,
and the more imprisoned we become.

We can easily take back control by knowing what our reality is, and how little we actually need to survive. We have been led by the nose and become reliant on entertainment, superficial education, soporific food, drink and drugs … so much so that we cannot think or see straight.

As everything comes into existence by causes and condition, let’s see where these current conditions – this crisis – lead us.

Clear the mind of clutter.
Know that consciousness has always been free,
and can never be destroyed, but only distracted.

Meditation is a start to this process.
When we just stop our mental activity
and focus on awareness/consciousness,
we become less excited, less tired, less anxious.

This body is not here for ever.
The body changes,
while consciousness doesn’t.

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