Enlightenment: Release From Self-Hypnosis

This self is a collection of ideas generated from influences around us when young; it’s a programme we are caught and held by that we believe to be real. We are all “Manchurian candidates” – push our button, and off we go! The more information is acquired, the more elaborate the programme.

We have both an “I” fixation and a “social I” fixation = nature and nurture. ‘Nature’ is a self identity to which we cling (it’s our second nature, the first being pure consciousness, which we ignore). ‘Nurture’ is the influences around us.

The more compliant we are, the more we conform. The more we think we know, the more self-hypnotised we become. It’s only the enlightened who escape the illusion as they have realised emptiness of everything, including self.

Meditation is only a method of release from self-hypnosis.

It is not the meditation itself that releases us
as that can, in itself, become a form of hypnosis.

It is the realisation gained through the experience of emptiness
– pure consciousness –
that releases us from the deluded state.

In this way, we only meditate when we forget our natural being.
That is the key to liberation.

We can be hypnotised by the expectation and projection of truth,
rather than genuine experience.

We are free in the moment of seeing …
the hypnotic state.


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