Belief Is The Beginning Of Our Ignorance

Belief isn’t knowing. Belief is accepting what we are told, without proof. Don’t believe anything you’re told; test it, experience it. Knowing is experience.

Belief or faith does has a positive side, but rarely acknowledges any negatives and doesn’t get down to the details of personal problems. Through belief, we can do tremendous things – which only serves to bolster belief in the relative world. A complete culture can be created through belief, and have its anointed adherents who ‘inspire’ (indoctrinate) its followers.

When we are at rest in knowingness – rather than knowing about some thing – this pure knowingness is the perfection of pure consciousness. From this view point, imperfection is spontaneously recognised, and that becomes our precious teacher; that is the complete picture/non-duality. If we believe everything that we are told and take a side, we will only have a partial view.

It doesn’t matter what is presented to the mind, pure consciousness merely notes without judgement. In belief, we cannot do that, as belief doesn’t allow for scrutiny. Belief fosters guilt, and even though we may feel strong in our belief, when our button is pressed, we react – sometimes violently.

In private, doubts will arise, but we find it hard to admit them so, for the sake of security, we go along with others. It takes courage to stick your neck out …

Not knowing knowingness, there is plenty to say.
In knowingness, there is nothing to say.

Perhaps we all talk too much.








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  1. wediditptsd says:

    We had been thinking one of the reasons we are so slow to heal is that we won’t buy into any particular modality. We won’t drink the kool-aid. We won’t allow the placebo of faith to carry us to someone else’s word.

    Because of our experiences, we do not trust. May not be able to. We are not self-sustaining either. We beg for reassurance: are you still there? Are we still there?

    We do suffer. And obsess. This mind looks for danger and tells stories. Stories are violence, we think. So we see a world that is not there except for us. We don’t want the opposite—a world of seeing only beauty, though that is as seductive as a pile of inextricable money. We seek to see what really is without so much taint or at least knowing the taint

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