Looking For Authentic Teachings?

Authentic teachings are what we re-cognise. We re-establish – it is a reunion! When we recognise these teachings as being true, then we are the authority, rather than a copy of anything. A teacher is only a teacher when the student gives that teacher the authority, and a change occurs. There is disillusion, not a building of more illusion. When we connect, we realise that we have always known. Now, that is an amazing moment!

People may call themselves teachers, but are they teaching or merely repeating? Do they have the light, or is it just a reflection?

During the recent troubled times, there have been videos made by teachers which tell us nothing more than we already know – be kind, don’t worry, be happy (just as Bob Marley advised 🙂 ) Mentally remove the robes: is that person saying anything you haven’t already felt?

Looking for something we don’t know can become an addiction, causing us to doubt what we do know. We are knowingness itself, and that knowingness is pure consciousness. Pure consciousness is definitely not an elaboration, dressed up in poetry and beautiful verse. Pure consciousness is beyond all that. Authentic teaching is seeing for yourself that you are pure consciousness. It’s just here now, without doubt, making no comment, alive.

Being awake! Staying alive!

Stop looking and start seeing. Start being. Being genuine is being pure consciousness, with nothing added. If we keep thinking we don’t know, then we will continue to act and be treated like 4 year olds.

Ultimately, there is neither teacher nor student;
there is only pure consciousness realising itself.

Authentic: undisputed origin and not a copy; genuine.
Late Middle English: via Old French from late Latin authenticus, from Greek authentikos  ‘principal, genuine’.

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  1. wediditptsd says:

    We are always looking: for reassurance mainly. It is addictive, too.

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