We Read What We Want To Read

That is karma in action; our propensity to certain ideas. Karma is our bias, which means that, on any given subject, we have a view, a side. Rarely do we read both sides in an neutral manner.

Actually, in the very first instant of reading – and before our judgement sets in – we are neutral. That neutrality is pure consciousness.

All social narratives have a side to them because they come from a position of judgement. It’s just a matter of being aware that we are biased – we are unfairly prejudiced for or against someone or something. Of course, in relative terms, we may have a fair point but, ultimately – and this may seem surprising – this view is causing us suffering.

We’re trying to hold an illusion together. If we can read between the lines, we may see where this viewpoint is coming from. Ultimately, whatever we read or hear is samsaric – part of the vicious cycle of unconscious existence – whereas, if we are just conscious, we read and reflect.

This is the unity of the two truths:
appearances and recognition are simultaneous.

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  1. wediditptsd says:

    “We’re trying to hold an illusion together.”
    Yes, this is us. We are clinging so forcefully that we pinch the illusion into further distortion. Letting it unfold would give us respite, less suffering.

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