They Mess With Your Mind!

Who are they?
Thoughts that come from outside.

If we believe in those thoughts, we become messed up.
Pure consciousness cannot be messed up,
because it is uncontaminated being.

Here is the good news about being messed up:
once you are aware, nothing can control you.

The direct instruction into the very nature of mind occurs in the moment we see thoughts arising in the mind, because appearances and recognition are simultaneous. That is the realisation and the path to enlightenment.

Without knowing it, anyone who tries to mess with our mind – even unconsciously – sets us free.

The worse things get, the easier it is to see who knows the nature of mind, and who doesn’t; we recognise this in their reactions. Whoever they are, they are all enlightened nature but don’t yet realise it.

This is the sole reason for compassion, “for they know not what they do”! This type of compassion is challenging, and requires skill by first observing our own reactions.

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