The Trick Of ‘Being Had’

to fight, find fault or complain
is to be captured by illusions in the mind,
making them seem real.

Ignorant of true consciousness, we spend our life trying to put chaos right – thereby making it worse. This is living in a Samaric existence, going round in circles, fighting, finding fault and complaining in the search to realise happiness, while, in fact, this behaviour lowers our reasoning and intelligence.

Being intelligent is being objective, not influenced by personal feeling or opinions when  considering and representing facts about ultimate reality. When we take any side, we fall into bias due to desire, aversion and ignorance.

If we look for a cause of our confusion and dissatisfaction, we will find the answer. The answer is all in the seeing rather than in the fighting, complaining or finding fault. We cannot escape going round in circles if do not see the paradox: a paradox is a situation from which an individual tries to escape the illusion but ends up reifying it.

It’s called ‘being had!

Realisation is stepping out of the illusion.
We will all go round in infinite circles
until we realise our infinite essence.

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