We Live In A Predicament

First, we have to recognise our predicament, and then know what to do about it. We live in a world of suggestions and beliefs – a conventional reality, where vertical thinking is used as logic, based on what is generally done or believed.

This creeping predicament goes unnoticed. In chess, pieces are cancelled out while a pawn slowly advances to become a queen before the opponent does the same – unless we are playing an inferior opponent, when a mate is possible; an inferior opponent doesn’t see either the impending mate or the advancing pawn.

We live in a predicament of feeling powerless, seeing the extent to which massive wealth can control and have power over people’s lives. As ‘inferior’ pawns, we constantly threaten this power by realising our own power.

If we don’t notice the predicament we are in, our sovereignty – our supreme power of pure consciousness – will become addicted and fixated on the game.

Solution: we don’t have to be drawn into others’ games. We can still play, but not take it seriously, as pure consciousness cannot be conquered. In the light of this, we remain the authority over our self, instead of giving it away to others.

Our predicament is brought about by believing only in conventional wisdom as opposed to ultimate wisdom. Conventional wisdom is vertical thinking, whereas ultimate wisdom is lateral thinking.

Vertical thinking is karmic; a state of being, a condition, a fixed situation.

Lateral thinking is the solving of problems using a new and unusual light; we start from the beginning, asking “What is it?” and “What is its basis?” Lateral thinking is seeing first, rather than thinking or assuming.

There is nothing religious about this;
it is pure science.

Conventional science is science fiction,
as it dwells on impermanent phenomena
which has no reality of its own.

Pure science is the fact of continuous consciousness
that sees impermanent phenomena.

If we miss this predicament,
we have lost the plot.

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  1. I recently made an off-handed comment to my husband that really struck a chord and I feel runs parallel to your wonderful words.

    To him I mentioned that in any given moment the only thing that is making us feel or believe or see things a certain way, it the thought of “knowing you are” what you are feeling/believing/seeing. For instance, whenever an accident happens in our house and our kids are hurt because they didn’t listen to their father, my husband has angry rage that comes over him – the connecting thought I have is that my husband “knows accidents make him mad” and so when an accident happens, he “knows” that he is mad. And so in that moment all he can think about is how made he is (acting in line with that ‘knowing’ of self), not anything about who he wants to be in the moment of the accident (acting from pure consciousness).

    If you can learn to distance yourself of “knowing what you are” in the moment, you can free yourselves of the lower perspective that you are only what you are in the moment thereby creating the freedom to be exactly who you really are regardless of which moment you find yourself manifesting in.

    • tony says:

      How wonderful!

      • I’m so glad that you found it wonderful. I found myself nervous to share with such a profound mind. Your words always feel so above my level that it is a little intimidating.

        But then I had the momentary awareness that I was “knowing I was anxious” and decided to go for being myself in the moment as I know my words to be. How wonderful that my words inspired a positive response when I “assumed I knew” you would delete the comment for not being applicable!

        Power of positivity and pure consciousness defeating anxiety and fear. Sound game plan for finding the true self and reveling in that moment for all that is worth.

        • tony says:

          I am just an ordinary person just like you, and still anxious about what I write. We just have to be spontaneous and let it go…!


          • I agree freedom of self is the true way to live. Feeling at one with the center of being is blissful and euphoric and full of fulfillment to where you are bursting with positive energy to share with others.

            That positive energy is what drew me to your words. I find I quite like that you are so humble and yet so profound. It is very endearing to the mind, to know so much and yet be so aware of how utterly the same we are in connection to one another.

            Thank you for taking the time to push through your anxiety and share such great insight into the world of being.

          • Obbs says:

            Being anxious about our words is always a good thing.
            That said, your blog is the best for those searching for the truth about existence and for the best way to live.
            Cannot thank you enough for that.

          • tony says:

            Thank you Obbs.

          • tony says:

            It takes one to know one.

  2. Ben Naga says:

    Reblogged this on Ben Naga and commented:
    “We live in a predicament of feeling powerless, seeing the extent to which massive wealth can control and have power over people’s lives. As ‘inferior’ pawns, we constantly threaten this power by realising our own power.”

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