Turning Love Into Hate, And Hate Into Love

If like can turn into love,
then dislike can turn into hate.

Sadly, we are not going to change the world in which we live: even the Buddha and Christ and Moses couldn’t do that. People will argue about anything and everything. Something praised will, at some point, be condemned, and likewise, something condemned will be praised. It’s the way of conflict, chaos and confusion.

Comedy, fashion, politics, dictators, religions, science, philosophies, guns, toys, sexuality, language, police attitudes, social attitudes … statues … all come to pass!  All are glorified, only to be condemned later and, in condemning, we set the new normal for further discord. That’s the trap.

When humans lose their sense of direction – their path to enlightenment – confusion ensues.

Luckily, there’s a path away from being constrained by our reactions to others’ ideas. This path is found within the esoteric teachings.

At every level, everyone is right, but that isn’t the complete picture. An age-old story exemplifies this: when several blind people touch one part of an elephant and describe it as reality, whatever they feel may be correct and be argued about, but that isn’t an elephant.


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