We Are One Word … Predictable

For years, I’ve wondered, “Could there be a word that would sum up unconscious beings?” That word is … predictable: always behaving or occurring in the way expected.
As long as we are governed by desire, aversion and indifference, we will be predictable.

It doesn’t matter what we say or do, we will react by falling into our pattern. We might say, “I am conscious!” but here, we are merely referring to the perception of some thing on an ordinary, semi-conscious, functional level. This downgrades consciousness, while the nature of consciousness itself is our true reality. Realising this upgrades consciousness to our ultimate truth, being aware that we are the nature of consciousness itself – and so we live accordingly. Now, we will no longer be mechanical as every moment is reviewed, bearing in mind that, as we are in a human form, we need to be able to communicate in a skilful manner rather than merely maintaining an unconscious charade.

Charade: an absurd pretence intended to create a pleasant or respectable appearance.
From French, from modern Provençal charrado ‘conversation’, from charra ‘chatter’

Science searches for predictability in order to know exactly how a thing comes about. The outcomes can be either beneficial or harmful, and for this reason, we need more than street level consciousness.

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