Tummo? … Tummo!

We know that when we sit properly (or exert our body) we breath properly, and feel brighter, feel better. If we slouch, we constrict breathing; our oxygen intake is limited and we feel sluggish.

This set of videos will introduce you to understanding the benefits of breathing properly. If this breathing exercise from Wim Hof is Tibetan Tummo practice (one of the six secret doctrines of Naropa), people should know about it, because it can work for anyone. We have to bear in mind, however, that in spiritual terms, we are only concerned with the effect of getting enough oxygen into the body to feel more awake and be aware of the presence of pure consciousness, rather than an enhancement of physiology to engage in extreme sport and prowess.

Chanting, singing, physical exercise, inner wind practice and watching the breath (shamata) are all versions of or preparations for this practice of breath control, cleansing the body by ridding it of carbon dioxide, oxygenating the blood, clearing the mind, and feeling good, relaxed and at peace.

We live by breathing!

All we are doing is expelling stale energy for enriched energy. It takes some time to get used to breathing deeply, so we can feel slightly uncomfortable at first. Once we feel brighter and more relaxed, we stop the physical practice to rest in awareness. We may find that we only have to do one round of breathing to feel the benefit, and then maintain by aware of the breath throughout the day. We gradually build up an awareness of the importance of breathing properly, rather than being unaware of the breath.

This exercise also generates heat in cold conditions, and enhances the immune system. As people tend to overdo things, practise carefully and follow the instructions. Use common sense. Find the point of just letting go, and realise the presence of pure awareness, pure consciousness.

Check out the comments under the videos
and see if you agree or not.





The more we are aware of the breath,
the more aware we are.
Get high on your breath, and feel brighter.


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1 Response to TUMMO? … TUMMO!

  1. tony says:

    So wearing a face mask, does it inhibit breathing?


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