When Do Our Problems Start?

Our problems start the moment consciousness becomes attached to an idea. That first idea was ‘my self’. Why is attachment a problem? If we (consciousness) hold on to an idea, then we lose the clarity of consciousness.

There’s nothing wrong with ideas; it is fixation that causes us the problem of not seeing other possibilities. When we hold on to ideas, we build a bank of memories that now clouds everything we see or hear. We don’t just see – we see with attitude.

In the moment now, there is no attachment. There merely seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, touching. Attachment comes a moment later from the build up of memory, and habitual judgement occurs. These memories – pleasant and unpleasant – that we hold dear and cherish, obscure our clarity and freedom. In the moment now, there is no memory, but just nowness, direct experience, fresh experience.

When we come to our senses, we have no problems. There is just consciousness – pure consciousness. If we only rely on memories and judge from that reference point, we are constantly re-enacting the same moment, again and again. And then we start arguing!

We have never had a real problem.
There is only a personal, karmic theatre that is built on memories
to live through.

The more we experience common sense,
the less we are inhibited by common knowledge,
and the clearer the inspirations.

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