Common Sense and Common Knowledge

We all have two things in common:
common wisdom and common ignorance.

Here, we are looking from a Dzogchen/Mahamudra/Maha Ati/Zen/Unity/Non-dual point of view. In other words, pure consciousness.

I only use ‘exotic’ words so that you can reference them. They are all the same in outcome, but just different approaches to our reality of pure being, which is without contaminating thoughts and judgements.

General knowledge is conventional understanding.
Common sense is first hand, pure experience, based on the ability to perceive and understand; seeing things as they are.Common knowledge is second hand experience; something to which we refer.

Let us consider meditation.
General knowledge about meditation is thought of as considering thoughts about something or being calm.
Common knowledge about meditation is sitting mindfully, focusing on something.
Common sense meditation is beyond knowledge; it is direct perception of consciousness, that is natural to all.

The Buddha’s word is common knowledge, while common sense is the actual experience that is open to all. This is why the Buddha said, “Do not take my word for truth; test it for yourself.”

General knowledge about the Buddha is probably the fat concrete statue that sits in a garden by the pond – it’s nothing to do with ‘real’ life. Common to most garden centres. 😀

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