Meditation Increases Intelligence

Intelligence is the ability to see
consequences, causes and conditions clearly.

Meditation is firstly the practice of concentration, being able to focus without distraction. This discipline enables us to clear the mind, just to perceive and to be completely aware. It allows us to step back from preconceived ideas, however much we treasure these. This, in turn, enables us to discern what is actually beneficial and what is harmful to the state of our mind. Meditation stops us going into the pattern of our routine behaviour. We do want to improve, after all!

The next step is to be aware of the awareness, which is consciousness itself. This consciousness is the source of all that can be known. We now rest in that awareness without thoughts, seeing that thoughts still arise, and that is what we have to work on. Thoughts may seem prolific, but that is because we are noticing more. Good, eh? With the ability to clear the mind, we can now scan our mind for information to suit the situation, rather than merely reacting and being predictable. This is intelligence in action.

Now that we recognise the problem of how we become fixated in our mind (as, through repetition, the brain wires up in a certain way), we can empathise and have compassion for others, instead of condemning them. This, of course, also applies to our self, which still has bias and takes sides, and so our I.Q. rises along with our E.Q. (emotional intelligence, which is the ability to empathise).

Never think that meditation is being a vegetable. We are fully aware, fully conscious beings. We may not become scholars, but we will be confident, happy and realistic in all situations.

Gradually, we will want to know the ultimate truth, and that is the essential nature of consciousness itself – it’s pure and empty of contamination. And we have always been this pure consciousness.

Stupidity is a lack of intelligence, understanding, reason and wisdom, when we impose our ideas on to a situation, thereby seeing through the bottom of very dark glass, drunk on our own ego.

A fresh approach is needed for change to occur and for the penny to drop*. Eureka!

When we know the essence of something, we can be free to be more creative rather than mechanical. We don’t need to wait for someone to put a penny in our slot, thus assuming we are their machine 😀

* ‘The penny to drop’ is used to indicate that someone has finally understood or realised something. It was originally used with allusion to the mechanism of a penny-in-the-slot machine.

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