Cruelty Wants To Be Seen

Seeing cruelty and violence – even if it’s virtual – has a detrimental effect on our minds, causing reactions. For that, our immune system suffers. Why do you think there is so much killing in films and games? Everything becomes a battle. We think about good and evil as something outside ourselves, but the evil is the effect these films, games and news have on our psyche. We get used to it, becoming indifferent and dehumanising people.

Does anyone really want to kill others? No. People have to be convinced or provoked to go to war. War is deemed exciting by the young who are unaware that it involves killing, or practising killing. The pressure is constantly being stepped up to accept violence. We all know to do no harm, but we still have harmful thoughts about others because of ideas we’ve received.

There are those who stir up society, exciting us to take sides and find an enemy. Complaining, blaming and protesting is part of the process of being convinced to take sides. We do not have to be part of this Age of Strife. Agents provocateurs are those who intentionally encourage people to do something so that they can be caught in the action. There is much evil portrayed on camera for us to see, digest and react to, but as it’s all on film, we may not know what is actually real and what isn’t.

Non-violence is non-reaction. This doesn’t mean we ignore what’s going on in the world, but we just do not become part of it by being induced to join the action.

Once we understand how the mind works, we have empathy, and know what drives people. Then compassion arises, and we use skilful means to bring about balance in any small way we can.

If we learn anything from history, it’s that cruelty does not work as it’s the catalyst that wakes people up!

Hatred is lazy.
Love is challenging.

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