We Need Oxygen In The Blood

If you are feeling more tired than you should, look into the issue of the amount of oxygen in the blood. Get an Oximeter, and find out how and why to use it. There is information online by qualified doctors about this subject; they have more time to explain this problem than your GP, but go and see them anyway if you are concerned.

This is an extremely important subject, as a lack of oxygen can affect other parts of the body. This is why we need exercise, or a practice that enhances our body, brain, mind, and consciousness!

See my article “Tummo? Tummo!” a few days ago; I have only done this practice for a few days so far, but the effects are amazing. Deep breathing rejuvenates the blood and rejuvenates us.

Now you can meditate better and more clearly.
Take in some deep breaths throughout the day.
Breathing works!

It’s better than buying young blood at $8000,
or becoming a vampire.


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