Crimes Against Humanity

Large-scale events, whether natural or otherwise, create a cause and effect which seems to downgrade, limit and restructure society. We can see this happening now, and our recent history amplifies this. The powerful want more power and this, in turn, denies humanity its liberty. This pattern of behaviour occurs time and time again, causing collective karma that controls us, whether through culture, politics or military might. As long as we consent to this state of play, we are part of karmic catastrophe.

For this reason, humans throughout the ages have sought freedom through thought and expression, with many turning to the source of consciousness to realise that we are not an inherent part of this karmic enterprise. It is here that our search can be subverted, and consciousness becomes inverted into believing instead of knowing.

We all have the same human frailties of likes and dislikes that are profiled and registered online, these frailties can be used against us. This is the crime against humanity.

What can we do?

We have to be aware that our mind is not our own as we have merely been following our crowd, our groupthink. People are suffering because of indifference, hope and fear which control our behaviour – we do it to ourselves by ignoring these emotional parasites.

Negative emotions of ignorance, desire, aversion, pride and jealousy can be turned on their heads now, and will no longer dominate. In the very first moment of an emotion arising, consciousness sees clearly and the mind brightens for that instant. That clear seeing is wisdom, and in that moment we are free, liberated from karmic effects. We are seeing without both our dark glasses and our rose-coloured spectacles.

Our problem is referring to memory habitually; judgements arise, and we are back, caught and held in our muddy dungeon.

Awareness is the key to this dark dungeon of existence. We have the choice either to open the door or keep it locked. This is why, for example, in some countries we are policed by consent, whereas in other countries, policing is enforced.

No one can take consciousness away;
it can only be distracted.

The source of consciousness is its purity
– it is empty of ideas –
and that is our protection

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names can never hurt me.”






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  1. Ben Naga says:

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  2. Ken says:

    The world is not the way it is because it “has” to be this way, but because we’ve allowed it to become this way. Are we powerless to change it if we’re the ones who’ve created it? Is this world really the best humanity has to offer?

    Humanity has forgotten that first it is “human being”, then it goes and gets (thinks) all the labels, titles, designations and divisive names/words it defines itself as which causes our illusory separation. Are you not far more than a designation, a word? Did human beings have no worth before there was language/words? If words originate from human beings, then how can words be superior to that from which they are created? Can the effect rise higher than its cause?

    Regardless of age, religions, beliefs, nationality, etc, we are all “human beings” first and foremost, all dependent upon the same 4 earthly requirements which should remind us of our original unity; food, water, clothing and shelter. Who isn’t dependent upon theses 4 things? Regardless of rich or poor, king or beggar, saint or sinner, we are all the same when it comes to that which is necessary for survival. Real leadership would ensure that these 4 essential requirements are enjoyed by all would they not?

    Which human being created the earth in that they can claim ownership of it? Who owns the water, the land, the air and the trees? Is not the earth and its resources the right of every human being who is suffered to spend some time on this earth? Humanity would be wise to remember that it is dependent upon nature, nature is not dependent upon humanity.

    To create filters to remove contaminates from the water we’ve polluted is liken to stopping your head from hitting the wall in order to feel good; better to never have contaminated the water in the first place! And all for the sake of profits?

    We are all on a planet, floating, spinning around in outer-space, suspended in the air by forces unknown to us, a miracle yes, to be on a planet able to provide and sustain its creations in abundance, the creations dependent upon that which created and sustains it. How soon we forget!

    Humanity has forgotten its humanity, and instead accepted insanity.

    The unaware are unaware that they’re unaware. How to awaken?

    The crime is the belief in separation.

    Everything reverses direction upon reaching its extreme.The extreme in separation will eventually reverse towards unity. Just look at the unity that arises after a major crisis like 911, everyone forgot for a time all their divisive designations/titles/labels/ and were all just human beings helping each other survive. For a time WE were “in the present” not lost in thought/thinking, not lost in mind, we were instead one humane-ity = “ity” is “the state of” & “humane” means “civil, kindly, compassion” hence true humanity is to be in the state of compassion, to see all as oneself.

    Can we not become more unified without needing a monumental crisis to awaken and remind us? Must we suffer to move out of suffering?

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