Happiness Is A Feeling Of Relief

When we feel alleviated – lightened – the burden has gone.
That’s a good step to becoming en-lightened.

Isn’t that moment, free of worry, wonderful?
What else can happiness be?

We may become old and sick, and die
– that’s natural-
but ever-present consciousness is actually free of worry
– and that’s natural too.

It is thinking and worrying about
something we cannot change
that makes us unhappy.

The secret is to be grateful for where we are;
whether our past was fortunate or unfortunate,
it brought us to this point.

To want more is to create worries and unhappiness.
All we can do is help others in our own unique way.

Relief: late Middle English: from Old French, from relever ‘raise up, relieve’, from Latin relevare ‘raise again, alleviate’.
Lev: comes from Latin (levis levare) which means ‘light’ (in weight).
This root includes ‘levity’ ‘elevate’ ‘alleviate’ and ‘levitate’ to rise up, to be above.

When we talk about transcending, or ascending, or going up to heaven – or even levitating – this could mean that we are no longer being weighed down. If so, then we are already in heaven or enlightened, or whatever we want to call it. Isn’t happiness just a relief from having a problem?

Of course, the relief doesn’t last as there is always another situation to deal with, but we gradually start to appreciate that all things must come to pass!
So why worry? Be happy 😀

This world in which we live
will continue to create things
for us to worry about.

Actually, that is exactly what it does!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    There is always something to be solved and resolved,
    and thatis what makes life interesting and enlightening.


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