The Silent Me

The silent me
and the talkative me.

We may be confused about consciousness as we cannot give up the idea of a me, and think, “I have consciousness.”

This is understandable in the materialistic existence of things that I do, I think and I say. We identify with our thoughts, and think that we are those thoughts. We see consciousness as something that allows us to perceive, so the more information we collect, the greater and more intelligent we think we are, and the more established the ego. This is okay if that’s what we want – along with all the aloofness that goes with it.

Alternatively, there is another way to see consciousness; that we are consciousness, rather than having consciousness. It is realising that consciousness has always sat quietly throughout life, observing passing thoughts. The pure, silent me observes the talkative me.

“Two birds sat in a tree;
one (lower personality self) pecked of the fruit
while the other (higher wisdom Self)
sat and watched”.

In Buddhism there is neither self nor Self,
but deluded consciousness and pure consciousness.

Can you see any difference?

Different exoteric traditions see the spirit differently.
Different esoteric traditions have the same spirit.
We don’t need to be separated.

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