Intellectual Understanding and Realisation

Intellectual understanding says much.
Realisation says nothing.

Consciousness has nothing to say; it is merely aware. Through desire or aversion, however, consciousness adopts thoughts and clings to these, obscuring raw experience.

It is when consciousness silently looks in on itself and finds nothing but consciousness, that realisation takes place. This realisation is the recognition that consciousness has always been empty of contaminating thoughts that have restricted our potential. Consciousness realises that it has always been pure before the occurrence of thoughts, and that is the end of our search. Until enlightenment we are still not released from our biased behaviour, however, due to subtle desires and aversions (our karmic inclinations).

Intellectual understanding creates a clash of chattering minds.
Realisation is a union of silent hearts.
Compassion is a meeting of both hearts and minds.

A true meeting takes place in silence,
within the realisation and recognition
that nothing needs to said.

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