Nothing Is Permanent

This has been said many times before, but it’s worthwhile reflecting on it so that we remember what reality is really is.

If things were permanent, then they could not change – and obviously, things do change. Due to attraction and repulsion, things are created, dwell, and come apart, ready to change into something else.

Things have no permanent existence because they are actually empty space occupied by temporary elements.

Consciousness is like that; cognisant unoccupied space. That unchanging cognisant unoccupied space is what we are. Thoughts are merely ever-changing elements within this.

When consciousness fixates on phenomena, however, a self identity is created, which becomes judgemental about temporary phenomena. It is this constant judging that causes us excitement and suffering.

When we realise this, then we cannot become so attached, and are free to see the beauty in how things change. Enemies become friends. Negative emotions become wisdom.

By acknowledging change, we ascend the levels.
When we separate ourselves and find fault,
we descend the levels, play the victim and suffer.

All we have to do is note which way we are facing,
and change just happens.
“We are free in the moment of seeing.”

Permanent: remain unchanged indefinitely.

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