Being Watched? Watch Back!

Negative events are promoted and meant to be seen so that ‘watchers’ can monitor how we react and how far we can be pushed. Propaganda (misleading information that promotes an idea) can turn ordinary people into narcissistic and sociopathic trolls.

Internet trolls – which includes all media – make intentionally inflammatory statements to elicit strong emotional reactions, or to steer the conversation off-topic, making it personal. This psychology can come in many forms from ordinary low-level trolls to highly sophisticated psychologists behind political agenda.

These events are managed to preoccupy us so that we forget we’re being watched. We’re so accustomed to reacting online that this surveillance becomes invisible when integrated into our culture, our custom – turning propaganda into fashion.

What can we do about this? Watch back!

Statements say more about the author than the actual statement did. Look out for the process of manipulation and suggestion and observe how your own and others’ minds react, and how a situation can escalate, teased out for further manipulation. It’s all too easy to take on subliminal ideas.

This can turn ordinary people into obedient, unempathetic narcissists, and narcissists know how to play games; they become conduits of the original propaganda, unwittingly passing it on. Then we are on a downward slope to group narcissism, xenophobia, sociopathic behaviour, supremacism and psychopathy.

Propaganda misleads to make perpetrators feel innocent of the act, but they are no different from the instigator, although the intensity of karma will be different. An example of this; the instigators made the decision to drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Looking back at the site, the co-pilot (the perpetrator) exclaimed, “My God. What have we done?”

Love can turn to dislike, then to fear and ultimately hatred when we become manipulated or pushed. To understand this more, read about how the six neurotic psychological realms work from the Tibetan Buddhist viewpoint. How we work! *

Know your own mind.
Watch the inner watcher
– consciousness itself –

Ask not what your mind can do for you,
but what you can do for your mind

Our mind needs clarity, free from bias.

Meditation is the way to see clearly – if meditation is done properly. In empty awareness, which is uncontaminated consciousness, there is nothing to watch, as we are that which watches. Always remember, we are free in the very moment of seeing.



*The Six Realms

Tibetan text mentions six types of neurotic human characteristics: God, Jealous god, Human, Animal, Hungry ghost and Hell being, each of which correspond to the six negative emotions of pride, envy, desire, ignorance, stupidity and anger.

We all have a tendency to one or more of these characteristics, although we also move sequentially through these state all the time.

God realm ……………………… have it all, but will suffer when everything is gone

Jealous god realm ………….  build defences around themselves, are competitive, and argue

Human realm ………………… passion

Animal realm ………………… lack of humour, serious

Hungry ghost realm ……….  greed

Hell being realm ……………  frozen 

But, as usual, there is the other side – each realm also corresponds to one of the five enlightened qualities.

We believe whatever comes into our mind to be real, when it is just another neurotic state.
When noticed, however, this neurotic state becomes pure light, pure consciousness.

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  1. Ken says:

    Watch your thoughts,
    For they become words.
    Watch your words,
    For they become actions.
    Watch your actions,
    For they become habits.
    Watch your habits,
    For they become your character.
    Watch your character,
    For it becomes your destiny.

    People are always revealing themselves through their words & actions. To know someone, simply listen and observe, they are telling/showing you who they are all the time.
    See where their words stem from. Why are they saying what they’re saying? What are their words pointing too. What are they not saying and why, which part of the story are they leaving out? Is what they’re saying absolutely true, and how could you know it is?

    Its not what the media says that bothers me, its what they don’t say!

    Those who react with unmitigated emotions are the easiest to control. Just like a fish whose been caught, the immediate (often angry/violent) reaction reveals they’ve taken the bait. Cast the bait, and watch who reacts and who doesn’t, this will tell much.

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