We Each Progress In Our Own Way

We each progress in our own way.
All we need is tenacity.

Tenacity comes from understanding, experience and a realisation that there is but one truth, and that is consciousness itself. It does not matter what we do, consciousness is always present. If we go online to read about truth, this subject can go off in many directions. Truth-seeking philosophers and universities may seek the truth about this and that, but they forget that consciousness came first. Many spiritual traditions care more about their display than simple truth that isn’t reliant on any thing.

So, for truth, we have to look into consciousness. We do this on our own, as no one else can do it for us. The confusion now arises, “Who are we?” We are the very essence of consciousness. Pure and simple.

All we have to do is stop, and see, smell, taste, touch, hear. The senses are non-conceptual – there is no thinking involved. That direct experience is pure perception, pure consciousness. Pure and simple. That is what we are – it’s not who we are. Who comes along a moment later to claim the event of sensation.

We keep using the word ‘meditation’ but, when we meditate, all we should be doing is shutting up, rather than closing down. There may be loads of methods, jargon, elaborations and confusion, but it all comes to the one point of purely being. Meditation is simply about noticing, and dropping whatever is noticed. We can come back to whatever was noticed when we reflect.

It’s all about consciousness being in union with its essence; purity. The word ‘purity’ needn’t be a scary word, or a holy word. It simply means unadulterated – not mixed or diluted with any different or extra elements; complete and absolute.

The moment when we sneeze, there is nothing to think about. That is pure experience. That’s it! The moment we walk through a door and just survey the scene – that’s it! The moment when … we give up!

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