Taking Care Of Our Emotional Health

We often succumb to feeling down or flat – sometimes for no reason – and that goes for when we feel happy for no reason too. It’s karmic. Karma is our stored propensity from past experiences and reactions and, as a result, a ‘feeling’ just comes over us.

The one thing that our mental health doesn’t need (and which is always offered to us) is a pick-me-up or antidote to make us feel better, when it is our karmic, clinging mind that needs seeing to, because it is the very cause of dissatisfaction! Making ourself (our mind) feel better is a temporary measure that sows seeds for further up-and-down times. The reason we feel down is our habitual, karmic reaction of criticism; instead of complaining, we need to do something about it, but first we need to find the cause.

It is the chasing after happiness that is the cause of suffering as we do not recognise that our natural state is already happy. Consciousness itself is neutral. It neither wants to be happy or wants to be unhappy; it’s quite satisfied with what it is. We may need to feel good, to feel right, but that is associated with conventional subjectiveness, which is our constant ‘make-me-happy programme’.

Our true, emotional wellbeing derives from EQ – emotional quotient – as opposed to IQ – our intelligence quotient which indicates how clever we are.

EQ is our ability to empathise with others and act to bring about inner balance, inner peace and inner happiness. This is more important than IQ, which might make us seem clever but doesn’t bring happiness.

Our EQ is the level of our ability to understand our self – our inner ‘muckraker’ that is a product from our past. This muckraker finds fault, complains, blames, grumbles, moans, whines, kvetches … because life isn’t as good as we think it should be.

We can get out of the muckraking race and lead a simple life. Getting out may take some time as we’ve made it so complicated, but least we have a goal. We can take care of our emotional health when we see that all those negative emotions are actually wisdoms. They don’t tell you that, do they?

This blog goes into great detail about this subject. Basically, in the very first instant of an arising of emotion such as anger or fear or pride, consciousness brightens, and the mind is illuminated. That is the clear light of wisdom that reminds us that we are, first and foremost ,pure consciousness able to perceive without judgement. That is our original being. It’s a matter of catching that moment before reactions take over. Through practice, we become familiar with this first moment. Beginner mind, Zen mind!

The promotion of IQ turns us into clever performers.
The promotion of EQ turns us into ordinary healers.

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