Life With Fruit And Vegetables

There are two sides to our being:
Fruit; the realisation of our true nature, which is pure consciousness.
Vegetable; ignorance of our true nature, which is pure consciousness.

We are brought up to think that we are fruit when, in fact, we are a vegetable πŸ˜€
Dissatisfied with being a vegetable, we want our life to become fruitful.

It is in the recognition that we have become vegetables that we can realise our potential of being fruit. The product of any growth is to realise its function. Although a potato is called a vegetable, its fruitfulness is the delicious tuber.

Life become fruitful when we realise that we no longer need to play the witless vegetable. We are, indeed, wise beyond compare. Life is our symbolic teacher of reality, and this doesn’t only have to be in words. Fruit is everywhere – and so are vegetables πŸ˜€

It doesn’t matter what we associate with in life, all appearances and recognition are indivisible from the one truth – that everything is only known by virtue of pure consciousness. In that moment of seeing, there are no concepts involved. No thinking, and so no judgements or reactions.

The vegetable realises its true potential,
and life becomes fruitful.

Vegetables may think fruit fools,
but a jester knows how to juggle
obscurities and insight.

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  1. Wind says:

    Scrap the earlier comment, I meant to post this as I thought it was fitting. πŸ™‚

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