From Dependence To Independence

The antidote to our obsessive, materialistic life.

The whole point of spiritual teachings is to become independent:
free from others’ limitations.

Teachings are not a set piece to learn; we each learn sequentially through experience. There are levels of realisation of the ‘words’, but it is personal experience that leads us to the next level of realisation, which a teacher cannot do for us.

The key is conflict.

Funnily enough, it is the criticism that we generate that can be fundamental to change taking place. When we alternate between panoramic view and focused view (see both the big and individual effects) we realise that this criticism is all about me … “Ah ha! There I go again!” There is no need to have to let go as natural spaciousness then occurs spontaneously, and letting go is automatic. Putting it simply, we grow up.

Spiritual teachings are about the nature of our mind; our essence rather than the teacher’s. This is why the Buddha said, “Test the teaching for yourself.”

We keep falling into the same (huge) trap of spiritual dependency. Until we are independent, we are not free. Any teacher of any subject will be happy that someone understands, and goes off and lives a satisfied and fulfilled life. Unfortunately, as spiritual groups, we are encouraged to become attached – especially to the teacher – and this creates fear and competitiveness, and therefore guilt that we aren’t good enough. This is why we doubt.

We surround a teacher with holiness that actually separates us, creating insecurities that make us feel needy. We don’t even allow ourselves to question if this particular path is practical for us – and a teacher certainly won’t say, “Try a different path.”

So we become spiritually attached, wanting to be accepted by the elite inner circle, and full of hope, waiting for the guru to see our good qualities. You know what I mean? It’s what humans do … queue!

This holiness is the pure consciousness, empty cognisance, pure perception that surround our illusory self image.

Holiness is to be whole, complete, illumined, having the light on.
We are living holiness – when we remember

Do we follow the queue?
Or do we realise original ordinariness now?!

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