Living With Demons

Demons like nothing better than to dislike.
It is their raison d’être, their sole purpose.

Demons lie in ambush waiting to exploit any situation.

Sounds familiar?

We have to make judgements in order to survive, but these judgements aren’t the same as liking and disliking; it is about balance. “Not too tight and not too loose” – Buddha.

When we succumb to likes and dislikes on the see-saw of emotions, the demons make an appearance.

It’s important to remember that demons arise within our relative reality, never in ultimate reality. To remain balanced, we have to take care of both our material welfare and spiritual welfare.

We may recognise when inner demons make an appearance, coming to light within our mind, but now we experience the demons arising within others – and we find that we are living with demons 😀

These demons now become our precious teachers.
Fools who want to run the show reveal their raison d’être
– to exploit, and get a reaction.

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