Life Acceptance Reduces Karma

The expression of Rigpa (pure consciousness) is the compassionate movement in the mind. It changes the way in which we see and interact with others. Life is no longer a challenge: dare I say it? … It is love.

In Rigpa emptiness, anything is allowed as we don’t react in the same old way. It is this that reduces both karma and the path to enlightenment (although ultimately, there is no path as we are already here, but standing in mud 😀 ). The moment now is the same moment as infinite lifetimes ago. The ‘rigpa moment’.

When recognising this moment, we give up hope of achieving anything, and so become hopeless – and therefore fearless. In response to situations, an inner energy, inner wind, rises in the (subtle) body: as we progress, we become more responsive, and the more this inner wind/energy rises.

In the arising of this energy – and the acceptance of this response – we find that we are more responsible! This response becomes a clear reminder; the more fearless we are, the more we give up hope of ‘getting it right’. We just respond as skilfully as we can to others, no longer fearing our reactions – or those of others.

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