Not Feeling Good Enough?

Not feeling good enough is an excellent position to be in. Why? Because we are always feeling our way. That is our path! This is the same as experiencing uncertainty in meditation; if we feel that we’ve got it, we’ve fossilised it, and the juice has run out. šŸ™‚ Feeling our way, we expect the unexpected. Life isn’t all same-y.

If we only learn the ropes (a sailing term – theĀ establishedĀ procedures), we only become efficient, institutionalised, ritualised, organised … religious. The more this display of ‘perfection’, the more others try to conform, never feeling good enough. That is the age-old problem that goes unnoticed.

The ‘good’ people in an organisation certainly miss this point as they are too busy outdoing one another. Enter The Great Pretence. We don’t have to become perfect; we are perfect already, each having their own perfect amount of karma to clear away.

Of course, in not feeling good enough, we might give up ā€¦ but we needn’t be taken in by the perfect monsters šŸ˜€

The reader may not agree with this view, and that’s okay. We all have our own way to proceed. Organisations can help, but we must not loose our critical thinking skills. This is an age-old problem.

Problems in the development of Tibetan Buddhism in the West

ā€œWesterners should know that the maintenance of the same clear, critical attitude which they try to use in their daily lives is necessary in Dharma too.
A healthy common sense is not only a prerequisite of the spiritual practice but also a good protection against drastic mis-development.ā€ From TIBETAN REVIEW October 1992.

– Dagyab Rinpoche

The whole article –

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