Buddhism Has No Beliefs

When we believe, we consent to go along with a version of the truth
which turns us aside from the truth.

People are mistakenly believing that there is something wrong with them.
Buddhism is about knowing that we are truth.

In the early stages, however, we need stepping stones; as we step on to a new stone, we have to leave the present stone behind.

Buddhism is about personal verification to realise the truth. Sacred scriptures, faith in a teacher and reason – although valuable – are not sources of ultimate authority. The source of ultimate authority is our personal realisation. As important as faith is as a stepping stone along the path to wisdom and enlightenment, each idea about a step becomes obsolete as we are always now, here. 

We are inseparable from the truth, 
which is non-dual pure consciousness:
looking and seeing are indivisible. 

We have been Buddha from beginning-less time.
The first step and the last step are identical.
Beginner mind, Zen mind.

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