Turning People Into The Enemy

Turning people against themselves.

If we give in to others’ fears, beliefs and conformities, 
we will avoid people and separate ourselves,
becoming divided and conquered. 
We lose our sense of both humanity and spirituality.

There are ‘elements’ that turn us against ourselves,
where we don’t know what to think anymore.
We compete with one another.
We dislike one another.

Once a population is convinced,
it goes to war.
Nowadays, it’s a domestic war.

Unity, harmony and good health aren’t conducive for business
which needs the power of science, technology and the media.
And we end up confused.

We are free in the moment of seeing the effect of what is happening to us:
empathy is missing.

Get the empathy vaccine today.

Vaccine: a substance used to stimulate the production of
antibodies and provide immunity.

When we have empathy, we know what dis-ease is like,
and we will never be indifferent again.

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